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Lowcostholidays has no Air Travel Organiser's Licence (ATOL) because of its move to Spain in 2013. Lowcostholidays isn't a member of ABTA, which represents British travel agents. Unfortunately for customers affected there is no cover under the group insurance scheme for any claim resulting from the financial failure or omission or neglect of any provider or its agent of transport or accommodation.

Flight bookings should still stand in most cases, as payment is usually made to airlines at the time a customer books so they hold the reservation. Customers should check with the airline directly though. Hotel reservations and any other services booked through the travel agent, such as transfers, will be cancelled without any refund.

In some cases, customers may be able to reclaim from their credit card company if they used a credit card to book the holiday. This depends on which credit card company they used and the amount they paid. It is best for customers to check with credit card companies to see if they can obtain any refund.

This will be standard to most travel insurance policies and, as a consequence, we would always advise people to make sure they book through an ABTA agent. If they really can’t, it is best to pay with their credit card despite the extra charge for doing this as there is often a degree of protection from the provider if the company you have purchased from lets you down.


There is currently no FCO advice against travel to coastal resorts in Turkey as these are largely unaffected, although there has been some activity around Marmaris. The FCO do advise against all travel within 10km of the border with Syria and to the city of Dyabakir, and there are restrictions against all but essential travel to some other areas. Enquiries for cancellations to non-restricted areas should be referred to the travel agents/tour operators, as currently any claim for forthcoming trips to these areas would be considered as disinclination to travel. However, travelers should keep a close eye on the FCO advice as this is subject to change at any time. Those in Turkey should follow the advice of the authorities.


There is currently no FCO advice against travel to France and Nice airport is open and running normal operations, therefore cancellation and curtailment/ travel delay is only covered if travel has been directly affected by this incident. Enquiries for cancellation and curtailment from insured persons not affected by the attack should be referred to their tour operator as this is not a covered peril.