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Health and safety is everyone’s responsibility, if you see anything you’re not happy with, no matter how small, please tell your supervisor, your local Fed Safety Rep or local Fed Rep and they will discuss with your Local Business Support Officer and try to resolve the matter locally.

Form 69

If what you find is or has the potential to be hazardous, complete form 69, now available electronically on the Intranet and forward to Michelle Bates/Suzanne Downing in the Force H&S unit. Tick the box regarding liaison with Federation that way we get to see what has happened and can help you process all matters that have occurred.

Injuries on Duty

Likewise with injuries on duty, complete the online form 72 ASAP and send to the unit, so that remedial work to prevent things happening again, in either instance, can be started. Please also call claim line 0800 9171 999. Don’t forget to contact Federation Office as well and complete industrial injury form. The office managers will be able to assist. If you receive an injury where blood has been drawn by a member of public and you have information to believe they have contagious diseases you must go to your nearest A & E and ask for precautions jabs, ideally within one hour. There is a protocol for this to happen at A & E not your own doctor or Occupational Health.

Suffolk Constabulary

The Force have a duty to reduce the risks as far as is reasonably practicable. Clearly, severities of the potential injury, financial issues plus the likely hood of reoccurrence are factors. If you feel like you have achieved nothing at station level, it can be taken forward by any Fed Rep to area/departmental H&S meetings to resolve and then onto force level where appropriate. We are fortunate that on the whole, we have a good working relationship with the Force.

We now have joint Suffolk/Norfolk Force Meetings to cover collaborative issues. We all need to be pro-active when it comes to Health and Safety, not reactive. If you would like further information please read Suffolk Police Federation Intranet site under Health & Safety.

STOP! Think Safety